Hair Transplant Surgery is a Popular Choice – Why?

Although hair transplant surgery is more common than ever, the average person does not know why. We will help you understand how hair transplant surgery works. It is not as easy as “regrowing hair like magic”.

Hair grows at an average rate around one inch per months; many transplants have failed to produce results or gone astray.

What happens if hair is transplanted

The hair is taken from an area that has more growth-capable foollicles, and then it is placed in the desired spot. When done professionally at la hair institute, hair-transplantation takes many sessions. Contrary to popular belief hairs can not be transplanted simply by taking a piece of hair and placing it in a new part of your body.

It’s a gross oversimplification. But cells don’t function like that. Hair is made up of many parts.

The popularity of hair transplantation technique

There are many reasons hair-transplant surgery is popular. But the main reason is that people want to feel and look better. One example is a colleague who looks neat and tidy. Perhaps a relative or friend has long and thick hair. All of these people feel inspired and compelled by others to emulate them on the look front.

Doctors believe that having your hair cut or regrown elsewhere on your body is the best way to improve your appearance. Many people have turned to these experts for advice.

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